Like my own skin…

Like my own skin...

Welcome to my personal blog on our Pureté bio website. I am Melissa: married, mother of a wonderful daughter and passionate social marketeer at KeyPharm. I also have a passion for everything that nature gives us. I love fresh vegetables and all kinds of fruit that I can turn into delicious meals, juices and shakes.

I stay fit and alert with pilates and yoga, moments of relaxation that I really enjoy. I like to keep active, which in my case means taking care of horses and making pottery. Last but not least, I also love beauty care, in the widest sense of the term. Because, for me, beauty means much more than simply using cosmetics to keep your skin looking young and beautiful; I am also a big fan of 'beauty food'. But I will tell you more about that in a later blog.

For now, I want to concentrate – with pride – on Pureté bio, Botanical Beauty Care – the new skin care line that we and our KeyPharm R&D team have developed from A to Z. Over the past few years, we have bundled together all our wide-ranging knowledge about vegetable and essential oils to create what is now the true star of this line: Huile Sublime. And it really is a sublime beauty oil, consisting of a mix of no fewer than eleven of the finest vegetable oils and an elixir of nine essential oils. This formula is a pure joy for skins of all kinds, whether young or not so young.

Last spring, our Huile Sublime beauty oil won second prize in the 'Green Cosmetics' category at the Dutch Beauty Awards.

The crown on all our hard work! But we weren't satisfied with having 'just' an oil, and so we went on to develop our Éclat lifting serum, with its unique formula that gives your skin a huge beauty boost. Given our deep knowledge of nutritional supplements, the next obvious step was to move on to the creation of the ultimate supplement: Perfect Skin, which optimises the condition of your skin from the inside out. And that's how the Pureté bio line was born: a trio of treatments that perfectly reflects my preferred way to care for skin properly.

In my blogs I would like to take you inside the world in which I live and work, sharing our news with you and telling you more about the Pureté bio line, a line that fits me like my own skin.

See you soon!

All the best,