Pure and natural

Pure and natural

Hello everyone,

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In my previous blog I told you that I am a huge fan of nature and all the good things it gives us. So it is no big surprise - in fact, it is wholly logical - that our skin care products are 100% natural and, wherever possible, certified organic.

But what exactly is a natural care product?

Put simply, natural care products are made exclusively from components that come from nature. This is in stark contrast with cosmetic products that contain man-made synthetic substances. Between these two extremes there are also products that are partly natural and partly synthetic. Fortunately, current legislation means that producers need to list all their ingredients and their origin on the packaging. As a result, you always know what you are using!

This obligation ensures that the so-called 'greenmaskers' don't get away with their tricks. The term 'natural' is not protected, so that some brands try to cash in on the 'green' trend by cheating. They only add a bare minimum of natural products to their cosmetics, but then claim falsely that they are fully 'natural' and 'green'. What a cheek!

We opt for 100% pure and natural – and for very good reasons.

Our products are good for your skin, good for your health and good for nature itself. Firstly, natural cosmetics are gentle for even the most sensitive types of skin. They also respect the natural balance and functions of your skin. Natural cosmetics contain no controversial 'nasties', like parabens, hormone-disrupting phtalates, mineral oils and synthetic aromatics. Last but not least, pure cosmetics have less impact on the environment.

Natural cosmetics are effective – and that's why they are booming! You want the proof? Just look at the success of our Pureté Bio brand!

Lots of love and take care! See you for my next blog!