Natural, vegan & organic!

Pureté bio® is an organically certified line of (nutri-)cosmetics that has been developed by KeyPharm, an internationally respected producer of high-quality natural health and beauty products.

Whoever follows the latest trends in the field of cosmetics will have noticed that the demand for natural and effective ingredients is increasing steadily. Pureté bio® – botanical beauty care – is made from such pure and natural ingredients. These give excellent results and are kind to your skin and to our planet.

KeyPharm has already known great success with both Physalis and Biotona, established names in the fields of nutritional supplements, aromatherapy and superfoods. So why not go ‘all the way‘ and also create a range of natural beauty products? Melissa – one of the driving forces in our marketing team – has wanted for years to add a fully natural beauty oil to her KeyPharm wish-list. Now the right moment has arrived to make that wish come true, in the exciting form of Pureté bio® – botanical beauty care.

Pureté bio® is a fast growing (nutri-)cosmetics line that perfectly matches the current trend for plant-based beauty products. These can be seen as balanced combinations of essential oils, plant extracts and plant oils.