Perfect skin

food supplement


  • Normal collagen formation to maintain a healthy skin
  • Protection of cells against free radicals
  • Good blood circulation of the skin

Amla – green tea – guava – Aloe vera – gotu kola – pomegranate – bamboo


Our skin is exposed every day to all different kinds of influences and can become dry, less firm and impure. In addition to good external care, the skin also needs extra nourishment from within. Pureté bio® Perfect skin is a 100% organic nutritional supplement, containing a synergy of different plant extracts that will help to keep your skin healthy from the outside-in.

Pureté bio® Perfect skin contains natural vitamin C from Amla (Orgen-C®), which is easily absorbed. Vitamin C, which supports normal collagen formation, working in combination with zinc from guava leaves (Orgen-Zn®), helps to maintain skin in a condition of perfect health. In addition, these elements also contribute towards the protection of your cells against the harm caused by free radicals, as does the addition of aloe vera and green tea. This natural synergy keeps your skin looking fresh, smooth and young. The complex is made complete by the further addition of organic silica obtained from bamboo (Orgen-Si®), Pomanox® (a high-quality pomegranate extract) and gotu which ensures good blood circulation through the skin.

Composition per tablet

Aloe vera bio (DaltonMax 700®) 75 mg
Vitamin C (50%*) (Phyllanthus emblica extr. bio (Orgen-C®)) 40 mg
Camellia sinensis extr. bio (80% polyphenols, 10% catechins, 4% EGCG) 125 mg
Punica granatum extr. bio (Pomanox®; 30% punicalagins) 100 mg
Centella asiatica extr. bio (3% asiaticoside) 200 mg
Zinc (50%*) (Psidium guajava extr. bio (Orgen-Zn®)) 5 mg
Bambusa arundinacea extr. bio (75% silica, Orgen-Si®) 153 mg

* % of the Reference Intake (R.I.)

100% vegan – 100% natural

Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert GREENLIFE according to COSMOS Standard available at


20 tablets


1 tablet per day.
To be taken during meals with a little water. 

Contains caffeine (max. 11.25 mg/day); not suitable for children younger than 12 years of age, pregnant women, or women giving breastfeeding. — Do not use for long periods without expert medical advice. — Store in a cool and dry place (máx. 25°C), protect from light.