Have a radiant Mother’s Day with Pureté bio

Huile Sublime, perfect cadeau voor moederdag

On 9 May, it is once again Mother's Day, when we celebrate our love for our mums! What could be finer on this day than to pamper your mother, step-mother or even mother-in-law with a natural and organic beauty care product that she will really enjoy using! With Pureté Bio® Huile Sublime and Pureté Bio® Éclat Lifting you will be giving them the very best Mother's Day present they could wish for: radiant skin! Even young mothers will be delighted to get this fantastic gift, which will leave their skin gleaming with freshness and health!

Mother's Day – in honour of all mothers!

Mother's Day has been an official holiday in the United States since 1914. It is the day when all mothers are given the honour and recognition they deserve. This was the result of an initiative by Anna Jarvis, who had greatly admired her own late mother and celebrated her memory each year on the second Sunday in May. Mother's Day was introduced in Belgium in 1925 and in The Netherlands in 1928. Initially, the idea was to give your mother a day's rest from her daily tasks and to surprise her with a bunch of flowers. The idea of giving her other gifts, such as cosmetics, only came later. Be that as it may, children and fathers still do their best to make every second Sunday in May truly special for mums of all kinds.

Nowadays, Mother's Day honours mothers of all kinds, including mothers-to-be, step-mothers, and mothers who are no longer with us.

Pureté bio® Huile sublime – sublime oil

This delicate, multi-active dry oil for daily use nourishes, protects and stimulates the skin. Huile Sublime contains eleven nutritious vegetable oils and nine essential oils, all of which have a positive effect on the condition of your skin.

Tips for use:

  • warm a few drops of Huile Sublime between the palms of your hands and apply them to the cleansed but still damp skin of your face, neck and cleavage.
  • mix a few drops of Huile Sublime into your day and/or night care products for an extra nourishing effect.

Pureté bio® Éclat lifting – natural botox

In just one hour Éclat lifting removes visible signs of tiredness, softens expression lines and makes your skin look smoother. The acmella oleracea extract it contains provides an immediate lifting effect that is similar to botox. The micro-relief of your skin is raised and becomes firmer. The fern extract makes skin visibly smoother and fresher, while the algae extract fills up wrinkles. These effects last for hours and are ideal for giving your skin a beauty boost each morning or for special occasions.