Take care!

Take care!

Welcome to my personal blog site at Pureté Bio, our line of natural care products based on the most beneficial vegetable and essential oils.

I would like to share with you the message that I now so often see at the end of the mails I receive: 'take care!'  This not only means 'take care' in the sense of being concerned for the health and well-being of yourself and others, but also in the sense of looking after the daily needs of yourself and others. Surely these are sentiments in which we all can share - and share intensely - in these difficult corona-infected times?

Personally, I am all in favour of this solidarity and the idea that we should care for each other. But what I have noticed is that this new way of 'taking care' and 'looking after' costs us a huge amount of energy and discipline. For this reason, it is important to consciously recharge your physical and mental batteries each day. In the first place, I do this by making sure that I eat well and sleep well. And I like to get the day off to a great start by making myself a breakfast smoothie or shake that is both delicious and gives me a real energy boost. My current favourite energy shake contains vitamins A, C and E, and is made from carrot, orange, sweet potato, a scoop of camu camu powder and a sprinkling of maca powder.

I also find it important to create for myself a focus of rest and relaxation in the evening, during which I can give a little extra attention to my appearance.

One of the truly wonderful beauty rituals I like to use to finish off my day in style is a face massage with Huile Sublime. This rich and intensely nourishing dry-oil contains no fewer than eleven nutritious vegetable oils and an aromatic elixir of nine powerful essential oils, which also give off a pleasing and subtle fragrance. Huile Sublime does so much good for your skin that it looks better and better each day, as well as slowing down the ageing process.

This is my 'take-care' ritual:

I start by putting on a hairband, so that my hair doesn't fall into my face. Next, I clean my face, neck and cleavage, using a washable cleaning wipe and some organic vegetable oil, to make sure that all my make-up is removed completely. After that, I dab my skin with a clean, moist cloth soaked in lukewarm water, followed by an application of a gel cleanser and, twice per week, a mild scrub cream for an extra-deep cleansing that removes all the dead skin cells. Once I have done all that, I rinse my skin and wipe it down with a warm, moist cloth.

Then comes the best bit! I massage my super-clean skin with Huile Sublime, rubbing the oil in with the circular motion of my fingertips. I start on my forehead, before moving down to the rest of my face, my neck and, last but not least, my cleavage. It is also mega-relaxing to do a face massage with a gemstone. But I will tell you more about that in a later blog.

After this Huile Sublime massage I can almost feel my skin's gratitude. And I can see it in the mirror as well!

Lots of love and… take care!